Player contracts, branding, endorsements, transfers, sponsorship…

We have vast experience in sports law. We have particular expertise in football and deal with all aspects of player contracts, registrations and transfers.

We are also at the cutting edge in the field of sponsorship, brand endorsements & image rights agreements.

We deal with a wide range of disciplinary and regulatory matters involving players, clubs and governing bodies, and we have teamed up with the leading set of sports law barristers at Blackstone Chambers for this purpose.

The team is retained by a number of high-profile footballers at international, premier league and football league level as well as other pro athletes such as rugby players and a world speedway champion. We also act for a number of top-level sports management agencies, and we receive frequent referrals from a leading Premier League club. We also represent athletes and coaches in female sport.

Tony and Carol are both registered football intermediaries and offer intermediary services too.

For international clients for whom English is not their first language we have priority access to a range of specialist interpreters and translators through la Academia. Director Ruben Cnobel is retained by Premier League clubs and players to assist with their English language skills professionally and socially.

What we do

Player contract negotiations

Player registrations & player transfers

Advice and representation

Contract termination

Termination rights advice and settlement agreements

Commercial rights

Advice & negotiation for clubs and players – how to exploit & protect

Player image rights

Exploitation & protection

Personal endorsements & sponsorships

Advice and negotiation and drafting agreements

Intellectual property

Club and player trade marks and other IP, branding and image rights advice

Reputation management

From handling media disputes to social media advice and management

Disciplinary & regulatory matters

Advice across a range of matters associated with players, clubs, intermediaries and governing bodies

Sports arbitration and litigation

Advice across a wide range of sport related disputes including player/ club contract disputes, player/ agent disputes, recovery of unpaid fees and salaries, across a number of different domestic and international mediums including FA Rule K Arbitration, FIFA protocol dispute resolution, various sports tribunals and court

Disputes between athletes and professional advisers

Help, advice and representation for athletes when something goes wrong including assistance with Financial Ombudsman Complaints, FSCS claims, and litigation

Disputes between athletes and their insurers, including Career Ending Insurance providers

Help, advice and representation for athletes with claims