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We are pleased to announce our partnership with Latitude Law, one of the country’s leading visa and immigration law firms.

Latitude Law is a boutique law firm with a 16 strong specialist immigration team working from offices in Manchester, London and Brussels. They undertake all aspects of UK in-bound immigration work with particular expertise in sponsor licensing work and within the creative, sporting and digital sectors.

A selection of Latitude Law’s areas of expertise:


A UK Sportsperson visa is for elite sportspeople and coaches who are internationally established and whose employment will help to make a significant contribution to the development of their sport in the UK. All migrants who wish to apply for an international sportspersons visa must be endorsed by their sports appropriate governing body before a club can offer a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

At Latitude Law, specialist immigration lawyers advise and represent international sportspersons and qualified coaches in identifying the correct governing body, guiding them through the endorsement procedures and assisting with the visa application process.

Music & Performers:

There is a wide range of activities available to arts professionals entering the UK as visitors such as giving performances, taking part in competitions or auditions or making personal appearances. It is also possible for personal staff or members of an artist’s production team to enter the UK to support the artist during their visit.

Under standard visitor rules, direct payment for all these activities is prohibited. There are however, exceptions including the permitted paid engagement option. The team of expert immigration solicitors at Latitude Law can help you navigate this complex set of regulations. They regularly advise and represent musicians & management teams in identifying the appropriate short-term visitor options for touring artists & bands who will be paid in the UK.


Latitude Law advise and represent many companies within the creative and arts industries in obtaining sponsor licences in order to recruit temporary creative workers. Requirements for obtaining and maintaining sponsorship status are complex and carry heavy sanctions if not fully compliant, so let their experts guide you through this process.

The Creative Worker visa route allows a lot more flexibility than other visitor options, permitting someone to work within the creative sector for up to 12 months. Contact their immigration specialists to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and help you gain your creative worker visa.

Corporate & Commercial:

Latitude Law can assist businesses in obtaining UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) sponsor licences. Sponsor licences are available for new hires, intra-company transfers and certain visa routes. To employ skilled workers from overseas, UK employers must hold a valid sponsor licence. The process of sponsoring an overseas worker can be complex and penalties for non-compliance or failure to maintain proper records are significant. Speak to their UK-inbound immigration experts to ensure you can obtain and maintain sponsor status.

Latitude Law can also guide companies and individuals on the many possible sponsorship worker visa options available, including:

  • Skilled Worker – where a genuine vacancy, minimum skill level & minimum salaries level must be paid.
  • Senior / Specialist Worker – for companies that operate in multiple countries and need to transfer senior managers or specialist staff on temporary assignments to the UK business.
  • Graduate Trainee – for businesses wanting to transfer foreign workers to the UK for a work placement as part of their graduate training course.
  • Expansion Worker – for businesses operating a branch or subsidiary in the UK.
  • Service Supplier – for contractual service suppliers or self-employed professionals working under a UK trade agreement.
  • Secondment Worker – for workers involved in high-value contracts or investments by their overseas employer.
  • Minister of Religion – for people who are coming to the UK to join a religious organisation.


As well as representing clients within the creative and arts industries, the team of lawyers at Latitude Law has an excellent track record in obtaining endorsements in relation to the Global Talent visa route. This visa is available for individuals within the entertainment industry who may wish to continue their professional careers in the UK and there are two different routes available – Exceptional Talent and Exceptional Promise.

All Global Talent visa applicants must receive an endorsement confirming their talent or promise by Arts Council England. Latitude Law’s specialists can help in both navigating the endorsement procedures and assisting with the visa application process.

Online & Digital:

At Latitude Law, their team of immigration experts has substantial experience in obtaining short term visit visas for e-gamers to attend UK based international e-sports competitions.

Depending on whether an e-gamer will be paid by a UK source in the UK or not, will depend on the type of visit visa the e-gamer will need to apply for. Let them help you navigate the complexities of bringing in numerous e-gamers from numerous different countries into one event.

What They Do

Specialist visas for creative, entertainment & sports people

Sponsor licence procurement and maintenance

High net worth individuals and entrepreneur visa routes

Short-term work visas

Long-term work visas

Family & ancestry visas

Student & graduate visas

Asylum & deportation

Settlement & citizenship

Global immigration services